Now that you have properly backed up your Android smartphone using my guide, there will come a day that you will need to restore the data to your phone

This guide is written with the assumption that you have followed the instructions of backing up properly.

Let’s start:
NOTE: Remember that in backing up your phone you’ve used several free applications for the Android Market? Then you should re download them first before proceeding with this guide.

1) Contacts and Calendar – The first time you power on your new android phone it will ask for your Google account credentials. Simply input your username and password and your good to go. Wait for it to finish syncing. It may take a couple of minutes or more depending on your connection. This method is also true if you performed a factory reset to your phone. It will act as if it’s a new phone. Now, if in any case you’ve skipped the first step and don’t know how to back to it again: On you homescreen, press the menu button and tap on settings. Go to Accounts & Sync and there you will find an option to add a new Google account. After doing so wait for it to finish syncing and your contacts and calendar entrees should be in their right places. Remember you should be connected to an internet source for this to work.

2) Contacts (Alternate) – The first step should do the trick for you. But if you find yourself in a scenario wherein you don’t have an internet connection, this should help you restore your contacts. Just go to your contacts application, press the menu button and tap on import/export. Select “Import from SD Card” and wait to it to finish. It’s important to note though that the backup is not automatically updated every time you add/change something in your phone book. For you to be able to restore your most recent contact list, you should perform your backup at least once a week.

3) SMS/MMSSMS Backup+ should have backed up all your SMS and MMS to your Gmail account assuming that you’re frequently connected to the internet. As the texting capital of the world, by now you would have backed up thousands of messages to the cloud and it will be a bit ridiculous to re-download all your SMS/MMS back to your phone. It will consume a lot of data and time. Here’s where Mybackup shines. Open the MyBackup application and hit on the “Restore” button. Your SMS/MMS will be located on the “Data” sub menu. From there everything is straightforward.

4) Data – A) [For New Phone Owners] – Connect your phone to your computer where you backed up your SD card using the supplied USB cable. Mount your phone as a “Mass Storage Device” by pulling down the notification menu and tap on the USB notification. Just copy the contents of your backup to the SD Card. IMPORTANT: Your new SD card should be the same or has a bigger data capacity than the previous card or else your data will not fit into the new one. During the transfer process, don’t interrupt the connection of your phone to your computer. Remember to always safely remove your device from your computer.
B) [For owners who performed a factory reset] – The micro SD in your phone is not affected by the data wipe. Only the phone is wiped not the Micro SD card. Your data should be safe.

5) Applications – You could be asking yourself by now “why not just re downloading all apps from the apps store instead of restoring from backup”? Well you could really and you can also have the benefit of downloading the latest versions of the apps. But did you keep a list of the apps that you’ve installed over the course of the time you have your phone? I don’t and I think most people haven’t done it also so let’s use the apps to help us out. Open up Astro File Manager then hit on menu and tap on tools. Then select “Application Manager/Backup” then tap on the “Backed Up Apps” tab. There you can select all and restore everything or you can browse and select only the apps that you actually use. Remember space is golden to choose only the ones that you want to keep.

By now, your phone should be running like brand new but with all the your important data in it.